Liz (lizzy_g) wrote in your_so_cute,

1. Name:
2. Age: 16
3. Location: Wilmington, DE
4. Birth date(no year): 08/05
5. Hobbies/Interests: cheerleading and firefighting

Likes( list as many as possible):
1. Bands/Artists (at least 5):
Green Day, Brand New, Sublime, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday - for more see my interests.
2. Movies (at least 4): Pretty in Pink, the Breakfast Club, Billy Madison. Legally Blonde.
3. Favorite Cosmetic Product: lip gloss
4. Favorite Sports: cheerleading

Dislikes (list as many as possible):
1. Two bands/artists you don’t like:
it's not that i don't like them because i honestly can't name one that i don't like, but i just don't prefer usher and britney spears. I can tolerate them though
2. Celebrity you despise: Jack Black. he's fugly.
3. 5 things that annoy you: 1] people that repeatedly ask the same question 2] played out songs 3] nose picking 4] people who say 'nigga' every other word. (not that i'm racist, but it's just.. annoying) and 5] bad breath.
4. Bad habits?: I bite my nails
5. Any phobias?: Not that I know of yet

1. Describe yourself in 5 words:
loud, funny, random, tall and skinny
2. Favorite food?: french fries
3. Favorite place to be?: with my friends and boyfriend
4. Curly or straight hair?: Since i have straight, i want curly. i'm so tired of straight hair.
5. Favorite season?: summer

1. drugs and alcohol?:
You do what you have to do to feel cool. I personally have been there and done that, and i didnt find it too satisfying.
2. abortion?: I'm pro-life. But I can't really stop others from doing what they want. I have an opinion and all i can do is voice it
3. love?:
it's great while your in it, until someone falls out
4. sex?: It's a good way to express your love for someone, other then that.. i don't think people should be addicted to it like they are.

Just for the hell of it
1. Why should we accept you?:
because, i rate people fairly and i'm not stuck up like half the world
2. What can you offer to the community?: laughes and fairness
3. Make us laugh..:
A drunk guy is walking down the street. He sees this nun, runs up and knocks her over. He says, "You don't feel so tough now, do you, Batman!?"

Pick a stamp you would want if you are accepted(1-5): the Lindsay Lohan one =o)

Promotions and Pictures
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</a></b></a>lizzy_g </a></b></a>poisonouspixies </a></b></a>envy_x_this

2. Inserts three or more pictures of you (must be clear):

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