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am i so cute?

1. Name:
2. Age:  17
3. Location:  tallahassee, florida
4. Birth date(no year):  sept. 21
5. Hobbies/Interests: beach, photography, hanging out with friends, movies, concerts, shopping
Likes( list as many as possible):
1. Bands/Artists (at least 5):
  dashboard, ashlee simpson, usher, limp bizkit, blink 182, christina aguilera, chevelle, phantom planet, sublime, lynyrd skynyrd, switchfoot, velvet revolver
2. Movies (at least 4): napoleon dynamite!!, mean girls, super troopers, requiem for a dream, spun, seven, fight club
3. Favorite Cosmetic Product: chapstick/lip gloss
4. Favorite Sports: football!! and soccer.
Dislikes (list as many as possible):
1. Two bands/artists you don’t like:
i dont really not-like anyone actually....
2. Celebrity you despise: britney spears...she's starting to be kind of trashy.
3. 5 things that annoy you: bad drivers, mean people, super super nice people, messy-ness, being bored, having nothing to do.
4. Bad habits?: biting my nails sometimes...
5. Any phobias?: spiders!
1. Describe yourself in 5 words:
fun, energetic, silly, random, playful
2. Favorite food?: pizza, chinese, caesar salads!
3. Favorite place to be?: anywhere with my buddies...perferably, the beach.
4. Curly or straight hair?: straight as a board
5. Favorite season?: summer. love the beach!
1. drugs and alcohol?:
almost everyone just needs to be kept under control. drugs? i dont really agree with them. pot is ok i guess, but like alcohol, needs to be under control. i dont like how some people seem to think that they must smoke every second that they have the chance. other drugs....that would be a negative.
2. abortion?: i am def. pro choice. i believe a person should be a able to pretty much do whatever they please to an extent. but i also see why pro-life believers are the way they are.
3. love?: there is always that one person that will always have your heart. you never see it coming 'cause you're blinded from the start.  i believe there is a person out there for everyone. every girl has her prince, no matter how imperfect he may be.
4. sex?: sex is fine, even if you're not married. but i do believe a person should reach a certain level of maturity before they do have sex.

Just for the hell of it
1. Why should we accept you?:
because i'll vote fairly.
2. What can you offer to the community?: fair and honest voting.
3. Make us laugh..:
Pick a stamp you would want if you are accepted(1-5): numbre uno por favor! (1)
Promotions and Pictures
1. Leave two links of places were you promoted us here: #1, #2.
2. Inserts three or more pictures of you (must be clear):

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