..B.i.R.k.. (_ilove_ewan) wrote in your_so_cute,


yay! i was able to get online! i just got back from my aunts house, and we're gonna be traveling some more :-/ oh well i guess.

well im gonna post some pictures i took.
(warning: i look like crap in all of them!)

thats my puppy, kaiser

another one of kaiser.

thats my lover boy, mcgruff (a.k.a mac)

my koolaid smile, in my extremely messy room

mrs. dr. evil

uh..what are you talking about? thats not me.

bleh. w.e im tired.

score! early christmas present from the parentals. (2 more below)

told you i look like crap. lol. well, hope you enjoyed.

♥ ashley _ilove_ewan
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