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1. Name:
2. Age 16
3. Location: bay area,
4. Birth date(no year):may 14th
5. Hobbies/Interests: competitive cheerleading, shopping, swimming, tanning, having fun, loving

Likes( list as many as possible):
1. Bands/Artists (at least 5): Dave Matthews Band, Dispatch, Gwen Stefani, Incubus, taking back sunday
2. Movies (at least 4): 13, requiem for a dream, life as a house, billy
3. Favorite Cosmetic Product: Chanel Mascara
4. Favorite Sports: Cheerleading, Swimming

Dislikes (list as many as possible):
1. Two bands/artists you don’t like: 98 degrees, Nsync
2. Celebrity you despise: Nicole richie, well I love to hate her
3. 5 things that annoy you: chewing with your mouth open, sniffing, being grossly drunk/high, hangnails, oily hair
4. Bad habits?: laughing LOUD
5. Any phobias?: the dark..haha

1. Describe yourself in 5 words: silly, fabulous, fun, loving, super
2. Favorite food?: thai
3. Favorite place to be?: country club
4. Curly or straight hair?: very curly and I straighten it sometimes
5. Favorite season?: summer!

1. drugs and alcohol?: drugs are not so cool. Alc I am down with, I like drinking
2. abortion?: only if she has been raped. Otherwise children can lighten someones life and should be kept
3. love?: it’s a beautiful thing and should always be expressed
4. sex?: I am unsure about this topic, the catholic church says wait until marriage but I think its fun

Just for the hell of it
1. Why should we accept you?: I am totally fabulous and will make this comm.. super fun!
2. What can you offer to the community?: well, funnn and lots of pictures and stories and such
3. Make us laugh..:

Pick a stamp you would want if you are accepted(1-5):2
Promotions and Pictures
1. Leave two links of places were you promoted us here:

2. Inserts three or more pictures of you (must be clear):

im on the right <3

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