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your_so_cute's Journal

So you think your cute?? lets find out!
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If anyone has blurty i also have a community over there with the same name <3 JOIN!

1. When applying please put somewhere in your entry "Am i so cute?" that way i know that you read the rules
2. try to put everything behind an LJ-cut. it makes everything easier .. but if you dont know how thats ok just i-m me at beautyprep101 and ill give you the code.
3. You will need to fill out the application and post at least 2 pictures.
4. If a member asks for a proof, you MUST provide one within 24 hours or else you will be rejected because we do NOT tolerate fakers.
5. First 6 members are auto-stamped.
6. Fighting is allowed but if it gets really bad ill have to ban whoever started it. No fighting with the mods You will be banned/rejected
7. After being accepted please provide (in 24 hours) picture that can be put in user-info.
8. Occasionally there we will be posting by a mod to check to see who is still active, if you do not respond within 7 days you will be banned and will have to re-apply to be in the community again.
9. This community is based 90% on your pictures and 10% on application. (STAMPED MEMBERS KEEP THIS IN MIND)so if your not good looking your probally not getting in.
10. If rejected you can re-apply again within a week.
11. Promoting is allowed but you MUST be a stamped member. You can only promote once a week in otherwise your entries will be deleted.
12. Try not to reply everytime someone votes on you. It gets really irritating when I try to count votes.
13. If you could bold your questions that would be easier on us, but you dont have to if you don't know how to do it.
15. most of all have fun!! AND good luck!! ;] and those staped members keep promoting!!

1. Name:
2. Age
3. Location:
4. Birth date(no year):
5. Hobbies/Interests:

Likes( list as many as possible):
1. Bands/Artists (at least 5):
2. Movies (at least 4):
3. Favorite Cosmetic Product:
4. Favorite Sports:

Dislikes (list as many as possible):
1. Two bands/artists you don’t like:
2. Celebrity you despise:
3. 5 things that annoy you:
4. Bad habits?:
5. Any phobias?:

1. Describe yourself in 5 words:
2. Favorite food?:
3. Favorite place to be?:
4. Curly or straight hair?:
5. Favorite season?:

1. drugs and alcohol?:
2. abortion?:
3. love?:
4. sex?:

Just for the hell of it
1. Why should we accept you?:
2. What can you offer to the community?:
3. Make us laugh..:

Pick a stamp you would want if you are accepted(1-5):
Promotions and Pictures
1. Leave two links of places were you promoted us here:
2. Inserts three or more pictures of you (must be clear):

promotions that people gave to me -->